Da Hong Pao - 2 oz

Da Hong Pao - 2 oz
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Da Hong Pao: 

Product Description

Da Hong Pao or Big Red Robe, is the king of famous rock teas from the Wuyi Mountain of China. It is one of the most expensive tea sold in auction history. Da Hong Pao Oolong is fully hand processed into dark greenish brown and slightly twisted tea leaves. The liquor of Da Hong Pao yields strong yet pleasant lingering fruity aftertaste that you want to keep coming back for more.

Brewing: 1 T, 212 deg, 2 min, 3 infusions.

Brewing vessel: gaiwan, Yixing clay teapot. Gongfu or Kungfu brewing method strongly preferred.

Storage: Keep Da Hong Pao cool and dry away from direct sun light and other spices