Dragon Well - Summer Pick- 2 oz

Dragon Well - Summer Pick- 2 oz
Item# dragon-well-summerpick-2oz
Dragon Well - Summer Pick: 

Product Description

Long Jing has been one of the most famous teas in China for a long time. This marvelous tea has been described by all tea masters to have four perfections - perfect color, taste, fragrance and shape.

During the Qing Dynasty, Emperor Kang Xi was known to travel from the Forbidden City just to get a taste of the freshest Long Jing. The emperor even appointed the original 18 Long Jing tea trees the royal tea trees and the tea leaves from these tea trees were all for the royal family only.

Long Jing has a soothing aroma and flavor. The taste is smooth, delicate and highly refreshing with a sweet floral aftertaste.

Brewing: 1 tsp, 200 degrees, 2 minutes, 3 infusions

Brewing vessel: glass mug, gaiwan

Storage: Keep Dragon Well cool and dry away from direct sun light and other spices.