Dragon Well - Spring Pick - 2 oz

Dragon Well - Spring Pick - 2 oz
Item# dragon-well-spring-pick-2oz
Dragon Well- Spring Pick: 

Product Description

Also called Long Jing or Lung Ching, top popular green tea in China. Picked before the early spring rains when little insects exist, our Dragon Well is from the original West Lake area of Hangzhou in China.

Spring-picked, jade green bud and leaf yield the distinctive smooth "Long Jing" flavor and sweet aroma. An exquisite aftertaste flatters the mouth after swallowing. It brews shiny and "grassy" pale yellow liquor with excellent clarity. Hand processing creates the signature flat shape.

Brewing: 1 tsp, 180 degrees, 2 minutes, 2 infusions

Brewing vessel: gaiwan, glass mug

Storage: Keep Dragon Well cool and dry with no exposure to direct sunlight and other spices.