Huangshan Houkui - 2 oz

Huangshan Houkui - 2 oz
Item# huangshan-houkui-2oz
Huangshan Houkui: 

Product Description

This famous green tea originated in Qing Dynasty, from Tai Ping county, Anhui, China. Also called Taiping Houkui, this tea has very unusual long and flat leaf shape created by special hand processing unique to this tea.

The standard for its picking is one bud per two or three leaves which creates a clean, green tea color and high fragrance with orchid aroma . There are only 15-20 days for picking this tea leaves very year, starting after Gu Yu (Grain Rain) and stopping right before Li Xia (the Beginning of Summer).

This tea brews clear green liquor with smooth yet rich flavor.

Brewing: 1 T, 200 degrees, 3 minutes, 3 infusions

Brewing vessel: glass mug, gaiwan

Storage: Keep Huangshan Houkui cool and dry away from direct sun light and other spices.