Kaihua Longding (Dragon Top) - 2 oz

Kaihua Longding (Dragon Top) - 2 oz
Item# kaihua-longding-2oz
Kaihua Longding: 

Product Description

Kaihua Longding, also called Dragon Top, from Kaihua, Zhejiang, China. This tea has won the "Zhejiang 10 Famous Tea" and "Top 10 Most Preferred Green Tea" in 2004 and many believe it should be listed as one of China's ten famous tea.

Kaihua Longding has beautiful green and thick bodied tea leaves. Always picked before Qingming (Pure Brightness), this tea leaves stand upright in the water (an indication of exceptional quality) when steeped.

The aroma of this tea is minty fresh combined with a wonderful peach-like fruity taste and a lingering sweet aftertaste.

Brewing: 1.5 tsp, 170 degrees, 3 minutes, 2 infusions

Brewing vessel: gaiwan, glass mug

Storage: Keep it cool and dry with no exposure to direct sunlight and other spices.