Keemun Hao Ya - 2 oz

Keemun Hao Ya -  2 oz
Item# keemun-hao-ya---2-o2

Product Description

The highest grade and least process of the traditional "Burgundy" of teas. A century ago, the best Keemun tea was a luxury beverage affordable only by the English Royal family and upper class. Also called Qi Men after the name of its origin place of Qimen County, Anhui, China. Made of carefully twisted long leaves with golden buds. Yields a full bodied yet complex taste with characteristic orchid aroma.

Brewing: 1 tsp, 212 degrees, 2 minutes, 3 infusions

Brewing vessel: ceramic or Yixing clay teapots are preferred

Storage: Keep Keemun cool and dry with no direct exposure to sunlight. Keep it away from other spices.