Lapsang Souchong - 2 oz

Lapsang Souchong - 2 oz
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Lapsang Souchong: 

Product Description

Lapsang souchong (often shortened to simply "lapsang") is a distinctive, smoke-flavored, very dark tea from Fujian province in China. This tea¡¯s unique smoky flavor and aroma is achieved through drying the tea leaves over pine log fires. Lapsang or Zheng Shan Xiao Zhong is known to be an acquired taste in much the same way that Scotch or cigars are. Historically it was considered a "man's tea", but has become increasingly popular with women in recent years. Creative tea drinkers are even applying this tea to their cooking.

Brewing: 1 tsp, 212 degrees, 3 minutes, 2 infusions

Brewing vessel: ceramic or Yixing clay teapots are preferred

Storage: Keep Lapsan Souchong cool and dry with no direct exposure to sunlight. Keep it away from other spices.